Frequently Asked Questions

Should I backup my data every day?

Yes, you should backup your data as it changes. For some data changes may be done several times each day, others only weekly. Depending on how critical those changes are to your business it is important to decide which files to backup and when. To make this an easy task, PCM INC. can easily guide you through the creation of a backup schedule containing these details.

Why should I backup my data?

A data backup is actually the livelihood of most businesses, and backup data cannot be recreated simply from memory. Valuable time and resources can be lost in the event of a system crash.

What if we get a virus?

PCM will never open customer data so a customer’s virus cannot infect us.  In the event you have a virus, point-in-time restore capability is your business best friend.   PCM provides point-in-time backups and data recovery that allows you to go back to the pre-infected date of that file and restore as easily as you would restore a normal file.

What is the major difference between a PCM client to server data protection and restorations services versus web based services?

PCM’s Client to Server software security ensures that all data encrypted and compressed can only be sent from that specific desktop/laptop, and files could only be restored from that desktop/laptop.  Web based security consists of a username and password that can be accessed by any desktop, that can leave your documents vulnerable to exposure and theft.

Is the Client to Server data protection and restoration software easy to use?

Absolutely, our technical team will take care of the set up procedures and after set up service with the 24x7x365 personalized monitoring of your backup files and their restoration.  

PCM’s installation does not require you to purchase any equipment or software. 

What are the advantages of PCM service and pricing packages versus usage-based services and pricing?

Most usage-providers providers offering low prices per GB are likely to charge higher installation fees, additional fees for peak times and customer support.  PCM ensures that businesses requiring multiple computer backups, large amounts of storage space, backup status and success monitoring, a guarantee that your data will be accessible at all times. Your company will be invoiced a consistent and unchanging monthly charge.

How and when do I get charged for my PCM service?

One full payment for the year will enable you to receive a month of free service.  A direct withdrawal of monthly payments for the 12 month period on a credit card or bank account is available  Payment is invoiced on the 15th of each month. For prices, please check the Our Services page in the menu above.


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